Two-Way Radios are Key in Keeping Staff and Students Safe at School

In a school, communication is of the utmost importance. It often needs to be done quickly, and staff need to be able to count on the message being received.

While some communication may not be serious, often the communication relates to staff and student safety. This means it is essential that staff members have a reliable way to communicate. A two-way radio system from RCS communications is a great resource to meet these needs.

Schools and Two-Way Radios

A school is an ideal place for two-way radios. The need for frequent and instant communication without interference is an important part of the daily running of a school. Staff members don’t have to worry about not seeing a text on their phone, with radios you never miss a message because the speaker is always on alerting them of communications.

Here are some examples of situations that a two-way Radio would help within a school or campus environment:

  • Natural disasters (fire or tornado)- A two-way radio can be used to help coordinate evacuation of staff and children and relay information quickly.
  • School Maintenance Issue -If a pipe bursts in the building and is causing flooding, that information needs can be communicated quickly to the maintenance staff.
  • Playground injuries-If a student is injured while playing outside on the playground, it is helpful to be able to radio in to the office and request assistance.
  • Finding student- student safety is of upmost importance, and having the ability to coordinate staff to locate a student that maybe having an emergency is critically important.

RCS Services

RCS can evaluate your school to determine what two-way radio solution would work best for your school environment. RCS has sixty years of experience working with schools, so it will be easy to find a great solution. With the variety of two-way radios offered, there is undoubtedly something that will match your school’s needs.

Benefits of Two-Way Radios

There are many benefits to two-way radios, but here are three major ones:

Digital communication provides the clarity needed in a school environment. Digital radios feature noise-canceling technology that removes background noises for clear communications. The improvements in technology over the years have significantly improved your ability to clearly hear messages coming through a two-way radio.

Digital radios provide 25-40% better coverage than analog radio systems. People using a two-way radio system are less likely to suffer a loss of transmission. Digital radios also have to pass military specifications, which means that durability and reliability are high.

With the switch from analog to digital two-way radios, there was a multitude of features that were improved. For example, the battery life on a digital radio is 28% longer than on an analog radio.

Recognized throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana, RCS is a leader in providing Motorola two-way radio equipment and services to schools that rely on advanced communication to keep their campuses safe. Contact us today to learn more about a two way radio solution for your school.

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