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Improve Guest Service with Integrated Wireless Technologies

RCS Communications Telecommunication Solutions for your Meeting & Event Planners Operations

Improve Safety & Customer Service with Integrated Wireless Solutions and Services

Coordinating volunteers, staff, security, and a crowd of people can be seamless. Communicate at the push of a button and discreetly with radios accessories.

You will not need any special licensing or frequencies for your event, they are included and already programmed in your two-way radios. We are the area’s leading provider for church picnics, musical festivals, and the Kentucky Derby Festival!

RCS Communications Meeting & Event Planner Communication Solutions

Integrated Communications Systems 

The event planner industry is becoming more and more competitive, with expectations rising daily. To stay ahead in the industry, hotels and other meeting & event venues need to ensure that their guests have a quality experience for the entire length of the event. This means that every staff member needs access to systems that help them do their job better, while also ensuring the team can communicate effectively.

RCS Communications has a range of solutions for each role so you can be sure your meeting & event teams will always have access to the information they need. Our Motorola radio systems are easy-to-use and intuitively designed so staff can quickly start using the radios. Accessories are a critical addition for radios, and allow staff to communicate clearly, and without disrupting guests. Sleek earpieces, rapid rate chargers, and Bluetooth audio accessories help with staff adaptation to guest needs and improved response times. Additionally, RCS Communications can deliver in-building coverage solutions and other innovative technologies for your meeting & event business.

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