3 Coverage Options for Your Radio Rentals

RCS communications is a full-service Wireless Communication Systems Provider throughout Kentucky and Indiana. The business is committed to powering professional portable and mobile radio equipment on a rental basis. The rental services are customized to fit the specific needs of your business, whether you are in construction, manufacturing, transportation, and warehousing, or any other business dependent on instantaneous communication channels.

As a business, we offer a range of radio rental opportunities to meet your short-term two-way communication needs. These include:

1. Simplex-Radio-to-Radio
Simplex radio communication is a radio-to-radio talk channel, without using a repeater. This is the simplest form of two-way radio communication and radios communicate with each other directly on the same frequency. This is the most common system for short distance communications within a half mile.

Radio provides a much-needed solution as it increases responsiveness, thus reducing inventory issues and accelerate the training of any new hires. Besides, it is easy for retailers with simplex radio-to-radio rentals to answer customer’s questions. Overall, they provide your employees with clear communications instantaneously, allowing your staff to make the most of their time.

RCS Communications is focused on strengthening the communications and IT technology at your firm. When you contact us, we guide you in choosing the right product or service that best suits your need. Visit our website to learn more about the function of the simplex radio-to-radio and rental guidelines in place.

2. Onsite Repeaters 
Generally, radio waves move in a straight line. Granted, they can go around or through obstacles. However, these compromise their clarity and strength. This is a significant problem for radio renters whose sites are on hilly or mountainous areas or where the sheer distance between out-buildings is excellent.

A radio repeater simultaneously receives a radio signal and re-transmits it at a higher power to cover a greater distance. The antennas on the repeater stations are mounted higher up on top of a tall building or hill. This is often at a central location to ensure comprehensive coverage.

The repeater receives an input frequency and re-emits it as an output frequency. The radio you rent from us is usually programmed to transmit and receive the input and output frequencies from the repeater.

Overall, you want to rent the onsite repeater if you operate over a large or built-up area. It is a great option when your staff work in a large warehouse or are distributed over several outpost buildings. Visit the website to learn more about how onsite repeaters work and the rental process.

3. Wide Area Systems – CPNtrac 
As a business with a fleet, you want to monitor each vehicle and receive notifications on deliveries and maintenance needs. RCS has the city’s first and most expansive wide-area digital radio talk area. This service is ideal for delivery, transportation and fleet services.

The contract is significant for large events, music festivals, and marathons where you receive real-time data on the different business assets on site. As a business, we have invested in advanced telematics capabilities, intending to provide the best-in-class PM compliance at the lowest total maintenance cost. We hire highly experienced installation technicians who fit your fleet with parts from reputable vendors.

Regardless of whether you have a small fleet or a large one, we are dedicated to providing fleet management solutions tailored to your needs. RCS customer service is committed to guiding you in choosing the right product or service that will help you keep track of your business inventory and staff. You are assigned a case manager who guides you throughout your rental engagement with us. Reach out to learn more about the product and get started in keeping track of your fleet regardless of the area you cover.

Radio rental in Kentucky and Indiana might be right for your business if you experience periodic fluctuation in your traffic, staff, and communication demand. Still, we understand as a business you require unified communication channels for your site. Overall, a radio on site improves security, productivity, and customer service. Contact us and get a free demo today!

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