Keep Your College Safe with American Signal Campus Alert System

RCS communications is one of the biggest providers of communication equipment for campuses and other educational organizations. The company is a family entity that has been operational since 1952.

RCS Communications has partnered with American Signal to provide customers with sophisticated emergency alert systems. RCS has a knowledgeable and well-trained team that help schools and colleges select and install the correct alerting system to meet the specific needs of every campus.

What Is American Signal Campus Alert System?

Preparing for an emergency is essential for school and campus environments. Educational campuses need alerting systems to send timely emergency notifications to students, faculty and staff. This makes it vital for them to invest in an alert and alarms systems.

A campus alert system sends out urgent information to students and staff in real-time. The 2007 amendment of the federal Cleary Act requires campuses to set up notification systems for their students and staff. This law indicates that campuses have roles to play during life-threatening situations and emergencies that can disrupt normal operations.

Students must familiarize themselves with campus safety and security procedures. Every school district and college campus will have emergency preparedness content on their websites for students, staff, and parents.

Understanding RCS Services

Campuses must find a reliable alerting system partner. Not everyone can help you set up a robust campus alert system. RCS in partnership with American Signal can guide you in choosing what’s best for your campus, staff and students.

American Signal is one of the most reliable emergency alert systems solutions providers for colleges and organizations. The equipment and services RCS provides helps connect campuses with students and staff. You can contact us to learn more about how RCS can help keep your college safe with the campus alert system.

Campus alert systems offer solutions to most challenges colleges face during emergencies. The first challenge is that the nature of how students want to communicate keeps changing. These systems use emails, text messages, push notifications, and automated voice calls to notify students and staff.

Another challenge that campuses experience in emergencies is misinformation. American Signal Alert system helps campuses send timely and accurate information.

As you can see, an Emergency Mass Notification System is essential for every campus. Without it, delivering accurate notifications and updates can be tricky. Putting in place a robust emergency response plan can also be daunting if there is no campus alert system.

Final Thoughts

There are different kinds of emergencies campuses need to prepare for always. Natural disasters, fires, and mass shooting events are some examples of campus emergencies. One of the critical factors that helps save lives is timely and accurate communication from security authorities at a campus.

An active shooter killing people, such as what happened in April 2007 at Virginia Tech, can cause panic. Security departments in campuses need to prioritize speed but also be as accurate as possible. The best thing is to provide general information and let people know that they should expect more details. This helps ease the tension and prevent misinformation from other sources.

Today, many colleges have installed sophisticated alert systems to reach people during emergencies. As a campus, investing in such a system can be helpful in dire situations. The experts at RCS Communications know a thing or two about campus alert systems. Contact us to learn more.

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