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With over 70 years of equipping emergency and commercial vehicles, we know the durability fleets need. Our leading lineup of products are built to withstand wind and rain, exposure to salt, fog, blowing dust, vibrations, and extreme temperatures. The experts at RCS Communications can help you make the most of your investment in vehicle graphics design, providing you with a design you’re proud to display that’s built for your robust industry. Our supplier partnerships enable us to provide public safety vehicle upfitting solutions for any budget. Our team will work with you on a custom solution, from equipment purchase to installation. We help you make the most of your investment in equipment to get the tools your workforce needs. 

As a leading Certified Service Center, RCS Communications is dedicated to effectively improving public safety agencies by upgrading and maintaining their vehicle equipment with the best tools on the market. 

Industry-Leading Partners

RCS Communications has worked tirelessly to develop strong relationships with all our vendor partners. We strive to offer our customers only the best-in-class products and services that meet and surpass their work environment’s challenging demands. Together, our numerous vendor partnerships create an all-inclusive list of comprehensive solutions available to your public safety agency to meet all the requirements for a successful mission.

To guarantee your organization the best pricing available and quick delivery, RCS Communications purchases directly from our manufacturers. We provide authorized warranties on all products and services we offer to our valued customers. We never have and never will sell knock offs or cheaply manufactured products.

RCS Communications relies on strong vendor partnerships to ensure the success of our customers. We believe in building mutually beneficial relationships with our vendors based on a foundation of honesty and trust.

Merchandise Vendors

We are continually seeking new and different products that will encourage our Intelligent Vehicle philosophy while offering our customers the quality, value, and variety they need.

Supplies & Services

Our goal is to secure the highest quality goods at competitive prices. We are continually looking to expand our selection of providers by establishing new partnerships with the best vendors.  


We work closely with our vendors, carriers, and transportation associates to achieve an extraordinarily cost-efficient and speedy supply chain. 

Our Partners

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Emergency Lighting

RCS Communications is the preferred choice for emergency lighting. We offer multiple lines of the highest quality options. The emergency lighting we offer meets required certifications for law enforcement vehicles, motorcycles, fire, EMS, public works, DOT, and private sector fleets.  

Each family of products offers a variety of models to meet your specifications and budget needs. Listed below are a few of the lighting solutions we offer:  

360-degree emergency vehicle upfitting solutions

  • Lightbars  
  • Dash/Deck  
  • Interior Lightbars  
  • Intersection Solutions  
  • Scene  
  • Lightheads  
  • Beacons  
  • Mirror Mounts  
  • Motorcycle Lights  
  • Interior Illumination  
  • Traffic Advisors  
  • Undercover Packages  
  • Work/Scene  

Gun Racks

RCS Communications carries Pro-Gard and Setina Gun Racks with choices for your entire fleet. We carry weapon and vehicle-specific racks to non-vehicle specific versions with outstanding options that accommodate the most commonly used law enforcement weapons. 

Most models are adjustable for proper weapon seating and are attached with specially constructed mounting hardware, which allows for quick and easy installation. Each locking device comes complete with a timer delay, activation switch, and a mechanical key override. Your specified weapon of choice will determine the locking device assembly provided with your order.  

We provide gun racks made from durable steel, aluminum, and polycarbonate, utilizing the latest machinery for consistency and reliability. All gun racks are designed with safety as the number one priority and have many built-in features to ensure users are well protected and comfortable. RCS Communications also carries a multitude of gun rack accessories to customize and tailor your solution precisely how you need it.  

Firearm storage units protect, secure, and control access to firearms and accessories. A firearms storage product differs from a safe because it is placed in an area with its own indigenous security or natural security. Officers need to have their weapons handy and readily available when they encounter dangerous situations. They also need to know that their weapon is secure for when they don’t need it. RCS Communications offers gun holders for car that meet your officers’ needs to keep them safe while on the road.  

The gun racks we offer are ergonomically designed to make your public safety vehicle equipment easy to see, reach, and operate while creating additional space and comfort. 

We provide vehicle and mission-specific gun racks that include:

  • Adjustable electronic locking mount   
  • High-Security Trigger Guard
  • Partition Mount
  • Self Supporting
  • Ceiling Mount
  • Trunk-Mount
  • Special Purpose Mount
  • Motorcycle Mount
  • Different styles of gun lock override keys: straight, vending, or handcuff
  • Timer and momentary switch to allow for immediate access when the officer needs their weapon

All of our console products offer:

  • Designs for safety, strength, and ergonomics 
  • Long-term dependability and investment protection 
  • Interchangeable and user-modifiable for flexibility and versatility 
  • Easy installation and upfit with minimal maintenance 

Consoles and Mounts

RCS Communications offers HAVIS consoles, from vehicle-specific to non-vehicle specific versions that work in a variety of vehicles. All consoles are designed with safety as the number one priority and have many built-in features to ensure users are protected and comfortable. We have a multitude of console accessories available to create a customized solution to meet your agency’s unique demands.

HAVIS consoles are ergonomically designed to make your equipment easy to see, reach, and operate while creating additional space and comfort. Vehicle-specific consoles attach directly to or replace existing OEM console mounts for easy installation and no permanent modification to your vehicle.

We provide vehicle and mission-specific consoles that include:

  • Radios and siren and light controller faceplates
  • Locking storage vaults  
  • Armrest and cupholders  
  • Filler faceplates  
  • USB/12v charger sockets  

HAVIS also offers heavy-duty mounting solutions and electronic accessories for mobile equipment. All the products we use are designed to operate in extreme mobile environments and withstand the test of time. At RCS Communications, we listen to our customer’s requests and work with our manufacturing partners to develop the products that best suit your applications.

We provide vehicle and mission-specific mounts that include:

  • Tablet Systems  
  • Tablet Holders  
  • Tablet Docking Stations  
  • Tamper Resistant Mounts  
  • Small Device Mounts  
  • Monitor and Keyboard Mounts  
  • On-Dash  
  • Monitor/Tablet  
  • Keyboard  
  • Combination Tablet/Keyboard  
  • Laptop Mounts  
  • Laptop Trays  
  • Simple Motion Systems  
  • Twin Arm Systems  
  • Pedestal Mounts  
  • Motorcycle  
  • Motion Mounts  

All of the mounting products we offer are:

  • Designed for safety, compact size, airbag tolerance, and ergonomics  
  • Dependable long-term and provide investment protection  
  • Interchangeable and user-adjustable for mounting flexibility and versatility 
  • Easy to install and upfit with minimal maintenance  

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