Vehicle Upfitting in Kentucky and Indiana

Vehicle Upfitting Products & Services for Kentucky and Indiana Public Safety and Government Agencies

At RCS Communications, we’ve been providing high-quality upfitting products and installation services across Kentucky & Indiana for over 70 years. As a leading Certified Service Center, RCS Communications is dedicated to helping professionals in construction, law enforcement, and emergency service industries effectively upgrade their vehicles. 

Communications and Signaling Equipment For Vehicle Upfitting in Kentucky and Indiana.

Customizing the communications and signaling equipment in your vehicle fleet is essential for ensuring your team has the tools they need to stay productive and maintain the highest levels of safety. Whether you’re managing commercial vehicles, public safety fleets, construction trucks, or security vehicles, having the right equipment can make all the difference. From advanced communication systems to reliable signaling devices, our extensive range of products and services offers the versatility you need to meet the specific demands of your operations in Kentucky and Indiana.

At RCS Communications, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive upfitting solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each vehicle and industry. Our expert team provides top-quality, innovative equipment that enhances efficiency and safety for your fleet. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we are your trusted partner for all your vehicle upfitting needs. Enhance your fleet’s performance and safety today with our cutting-edge communications and signaling equipment, designed to keep your team connected and protected on the road.

Some of our most common vehicle upfitting options include:

  • Vehicle light bars
  • Sirens, speakers, and beacons
  • Exterior mounted warning lights
  • Interior compartment and dome lighting 
  • Camera and security systems
  • Mobile radios

We have built relationships with industry-leading suppliers, such as Motorola Solutions and Whelen, to provide the highest quality of upfitting products. Our technicians undergo rigorous training to meet strict industry standards, so we can provide expert installation services.

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Vehicle Graphics

Keep our community and officials safe with integrated communications

Be seen on-scene with state-of-the-art vehicle graphics for commercial and public safety fleets. Our supplier partnerships enable us to provide expert vehicle graphics solutions for any budget. Since all car makes and models are sized differently, we measure and tailor your car graphics to your specific vehicle. Our software helps our designers create the signature look you’ll become known for in your community. We provide expert design and placement of car wraps and banners, vehicle lettering and signage, and custom perforated vinyl for windows.

Equipment Orders & Installation

In order to minimize downtime and get your fleet back on the road, RCS Communications offers an all-in-one solution for ordering and installing vehicle communications and signaling equipment. Ordered your equipment from another supplier? No problem. We handle the installation separately to ensure that your equipment is installed by certified technicians.

Equipment Designed for Tough Environments

With over 70 years of equipping emergency and commercial vehicles, we know the level of durability Kentucky & Indiana fleets need in their communications and signaling equipment. Our leading lineup of products are built to withstand wind and rain, exposure to salt, fog, blowing dust, vibrations, and extreme temperatures. For construction sites, first responders, and utility industries, ensuring that your equipment works in every environment is key to having your team stay productive and safe. 

Our supplier partnerships enable us to provide upfitting solutions for any budget. Our team will work with you on a custom solution, from equipment purchase to installation. We help you make the most of your investment in equipment to get the tools your workforce needs.

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