Towing Industry: Cellular Phones vs Radios

Since the towing industry exists to help motorists in distress, tow truck companies often operate in challenging conditions. Tow truck drivers are often called to rescue motorists stuck in an isolated location with poor roads. Some areas are so far off-road, making for tricky navigation without proper guidance. Sometimes motorists need assistance in the middle of a rainstorm or unfavorable weather.

Since tow trucks are tough and rugged, they can get the job done even in the most inclement weather. Regardless of the situation, constant communication remains mission-critical for your driver’s safety and security. 

While cellular devices are popular with small towing companies, they have severe limitations that might impact your operational efficiency. Explore how cell phones stack up against radios in the towing industry.

Challenges with Cell phones on the Road

The driving law mandates motorists to use hands-free accessories when they’re driving on the road. While legal, hands-free devices such as Bluetooth are spotty in noisy environments and might lead to poor communication.

Again, cell phones are limited to areas with strong coverage. You’ll find it impossible to communicate with your drivers if they venture off-road. Most rural locations have poor network coverage or no signal at all.

Rigging your trucks with long-range two-way radios ensures your drivers are never out of range. They can update you on their location for assistance if they need it. Two-way radios use Push-to-talk (PTT), which allows for instant communication with dispatch or fellow drivers. There’s no waiting around for the phone to ring or the other party to pick up, or chances of the call going to voicemail.

Getting the right two-way radio for your towing company with expert guidance can prove tricky, but we can help you get started. With its partnerships with Motorola Solutions and Kenwood, RCS can offer you dependable telecommunications solutions for all your communication needs. Find out more about how we can help your towing company.

Rugged Nature of Radio

Tow truck drivers operate in harsh environments and sometimes in inclement weather, including rainstorms, hail, and snow. Relying on cellular devices in such circumstances can lead to a complete communication breakdown. Although expensive, these devices are hardly waterproof and will undoubtedly fail when exposed to water, mud, or moisture.

Towing calls for a tough and rugged communication device that will withstand the rigors of the job. Two-way radios can withstand rain, won’t break if you drop them accidentally, and will function seamlessly when caked in dirt and grime. Cell phones are unreliable because they’re fragile and not engineered for such a harsh work environment.

We’re well-versed with the challenges local towing companies face, and we can help you pick the best two-way communication system for your fleet. RCS has been servicing the KY area and business for over 60 years. We know the two-way radio industry and can guide you in choosing the right tool to get the job done.

Learn more about how RCS can help you pick the most reliable two-way radios for your towing company.

Many to Many Communications

Batch communications are an industry standard, especially in towing companies operating a large fleet. Relying on a cell phone for communication can prove inefficient. See, a cell phone allows you to reach one driver at a time – to reach 50 drivers, you’d need to make 50 calls. Is that an efficient use of your time?

With a two-way radio, you can broadcast a message to your entire fleet with one call. It amounts to having a meeting with all your drivers without requiring them to come to the office. You can also make private calls with one or a few personnel when discussing sensitive issues.

Wide Area Network

Connectivity is at the core of a successful towing service. It allows you to locate and dispatch your team with seamless efficiency, much to the delight of your customers. By no fault of your own, most of your customers will be unhappy. A disabled vehicle ruins their day and has unplanned cost implications.

Basing your communication on a two-way radio system improves customer satisfaction by reducing waiting time. You can also furnish them with reliable updates since you’re in constant contact with your drivers.

Two-way radios are ideal for businesses that operate large fleets, offer delivery and transportation services. Or operators who wish to track their vehicle assets when they dispatch employees to fill deliveries.

A digital wide area network such as CPNtrac increases coverage area for towing companies. It also lets you track your entire fleet from your PC, tablet, or smartphone. It is also ideal for music festivals, large events, and marathons.

We can help when you need expert advice when switching your towing company to a more efficient two-way radio communication system. RCS has experience in the two-way radio industry and can recommend the right radio platform for your business.

Feel free to contact us and learn more about our services.

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