Best Hygiene Practices with Two-Way Radios

Over a year since it was declared a pandemic, Covid-19 is just starting to wane. This virus has indeed given us new vocabularies—wearing masks, social distancing, and hand hygiene are words that you cannot miss hearing or reading, whether it’s on television, social media, or on the streets. To stay safe, some habits have had to be stopped, and others adopted.   

Do you, for instance, remember the last time you shook hands someone? Yet, we now wash our hands more than ever before as the pandemic has put more focus on hygiene, both at home and in the workplace. The sight of sanitizers and cleaning wipes at the desk in the office is now common, and it is unlikely that people will be going back to the pre-Covid crowded environments.  

Some of these changes feel unfamiliar or unsettling, but moments of crisis also present an opportunity: being flexible and open to the use of technology. One such technology that has come in handy during these trying times is the use of two-way radios.

The Benefits of Having Two-Way During Flu Season

Two-way radios allow real-time communication between teams, making it easy to collaborate while maintaining safe distances. And, in industries such as healthcare, where time is of the essence, effective communication through two-way radios can help save a life. The best part is that these gadgets work like a charm and cost less than other options like the use of smartphones. 

Why It is Important to Have Specific Radios and Accessories for Everyone 

When someone who is sick exhales or coughs, they release droplets. Most of these droplets end up on nearby objects and surfaces such as tables, desks, or telephones. A person touching these contaminated surfaces could end up catching the flu.

This is especially true for people using two-way radios. That is why it is good to have specific radios and accessories for everyone. Everyone should have their own two-way radio, both for their safety and to prevent illness in your business.

RCS communications is a Motorola & Kenwood Dealer offering various two-way radio systems, Devices, & Accessories. We understand that you are looking for a quality solution that you can rely on and one that fits your budget. 

Keeping the Radios Clean

Two-way radios pick up droplets from a user’s mouth when they speak into them. That is why it’s vital to clean and sanitize your radios well before and after use. Removing dirt, impurities, and germs from the radios reduces the risk of spreading the virus and helps keep them in excellent working conditions. 

Here is a simple routine cleaning:   

  • Use a clean, lint-free cloth or soft-bristled, non-metallic brush to remove fine particles and dust from the radio surface as well as the charging interface  
  • Using a dampened clean cloth and a mild detergent soap, wipe the radio and wipe it again with another clean water-dampened cloth, followed by a clean, dry cloth  
  • Remove the battery from the radio and wipe them. Also, wipe radio contacts to remove grease and dirt. Disconnect the accessories and wipe the connector contacts using a clean, dry cloth.   
  • Ensure the radio is fully dry before using 

Also, consider using chemical disinfectants to kill germs that may persist on surfaces after cleaning, although you have to ensure you’re using the correct cleaning product for your radio. Be sure to follow the manufacturer-recommended instructions on cleaning or consult experts like RCS Communications for advice.    

RCS Communications has been in business since 1952, serving Kentucky-based businesses with exclusive two-way wireless products and services. With our current and excellent understanding of radio hygiene, we will guide you in the proper maintenance of your two-way radio investment. Contact us today to learn more.

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