Importance of Restaurant Radios During the Pandemic

Restaurants offer a range of foods and drinks, but restaurants have fulfilled the need for connection and social relations for years. They are the go-to place for meetings, dates, anniversaries, and special events. Tourists and foodies also visit restaurants to try new foods and learn about food history and culture.

Restaurants play a vital role in our community and they will always be in demand.   Understanding your competition and continual implementation of strategies that will allow you to stay ahead of the pack. Such strategies include quality customer service, affordable solutions, and adopting technologies to streamline delivery & pickup.

Challenges on the Restaurant Industry with COVID

Competition and thin margins aren’t the only challenges restaurants face today. COVID-19 has disrupted the restaurant environment and hospitality business. With regulations focusing on social distancing and processes for restaurant staff, it’s imperative to put measures in place that ensure compliance. These include:

  • Cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting surfaces
  • Taking care of the staff
  • Introducing services that limit contact – like a drive-thru, pickup, and delivery
  • Not admitting guests without masks
  • Setting tables at least 1.5 to 2 meters apart
  • Reinforcing hygiene and food safety
  • Using two-way radios to coordinate your staff and aid customers

You probably have already implemented most of the requirements.  We’ll focus on the critical role of Kenwood and Motorola restaurant radios and how they can help in the COVID-19 times and beyond.

Typical Usage in Restaurants


Communication is an essential part of running a successful restaurant. You can never go wrong in investing in quality Motorola and Kenwood radios. Investing in Motorola or Kenwood radios allows real-time communication system between managers and teams.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, two-way radios can help limit the need to talk face-to-face conversations. In a bar the security team can send or receive information around safety issues, operations, and emergencies. This ensures timely response and better services to customers.

Keeping up with Customer Service

As we discussed earlier, the restaurant business faces steep competition. This means that you strive to win more clients while ensuring that no client is lost. One great way to ensure repeat business is through excellent services – which include seamless communications among staff.

With a two-way radio system, you’re sure to limit wait time and serve customers on time, every time. The back-and-forth communication allows teams to coordinate fast and respond quickly to customers’ needs. It also ensures that things are operating according to plan. Should there be any problem, real-time communication will ensure that it is sorted out before it escalates.

Radios for Restaurants in COVID Times

Most restaurants have adopted pickup and delivery models to curb the virus’s spread. You can implement it as well, but you’ll need the delivery and curbside pickup order communications to ensure everything flows seamlessly.

Two-way radios are a must-have tool in today’s COVID world. Restaurant walkie-talkies ensure minimal contact and quick customer service. For delivery or pickup orders restaurants and bars can maintain the social distancing regulation while still keeping up with customer service.

After COVID and Beyond

COVID-19 has changed how the hospitality industry runs. A number of these changes are likely to last on even after the COVID-19 pandemic. Restaurants will still uphold hygiene and sanitizing measures and offer drive-through, pickup, and delivery services.

However, many restaurants will strive to gain back customers who were staying away because of the pandemic. Most restauranteurs will use customer service as the primary strategy to bring back customers. Creating a responsive and secure environment for customers and staff is essential as business starts to ramp up.

Two-way radios are important for restaurants and bars to offer better services even after COVID and beyond. If you are considering getting radios, RCS has purchase and rental options. Contact us today to help your business.

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