How to Utilize Two-Way Radios for Retail Stores

The retail market segment is very competitive these days. People tend to patronize a certain retail location because they appreciate the level of service they enjoy there. One way retail stores can maintain a high level of service is through the use of two-way radios. In this article, we will discuss how to utilize two-way radios for retail stores.

Below are five (5) ways a retail store communications system can make a difference in the level of customer service that a retail store offers its patrons.

1. Multitude of Models

Two-way radios for retail stores come in a multitude of models with an abundance of accessories! The best walkie talkie for retail stores really depends on the need of the retail location.

Various models of radios operate in UHF or VHF bands. They can transmit on a simplex system or a more powerful repeater system. They can operate in the traditional analogue format or the newer digital format. The location and environment of retail stores will dictate the best walkie talkie for retail stores!

Two-way radio accessories also come in a wide variety. Accessories can include hands-free carry accessories, ear microphone systems, light-weight headsets, surveillance kits and much more. Whatever the job, there is a two-way radio accessory that will make your efforts more efficient!

2. Quick Connections

By adding two-way radios to retail store communication systems, associates will be able to make a connection at the touch of a button! No more, “Customer needs help in Lingerie…” over the storewide intercom. And no more worrying that an associate responds to the call.

With two-way radios for retail stores, you can have a quick connection to one or to many associates immediately. With quick connections, response times are shortened, and productivity is increased!

3. Smoother, Streamlined Workflow

Because of quicker connections to one or to many associates, workflows throughout the retail location are optimized.

Quicker connections allow for contacting a maintenance associate the moment a spill is discovered. A price-check can be performed for a customer or a check-out associate in half the time it once took without a retail store walkie talkie system. These workflow improvements will save a retail location money and improve the customer’s overall shopping experience.

A two-way radio system in retail stores is one of the most invaluable tools for improving safety and security protocols. This not only enhances the workflow of these processes but also gives peace of mind to employees, allowing them to provide customers with a safe shopping environment.

4. Safety and Security

To most people, safety and security is not a major issue …until something happens! And when something does happen, it becomes vital that we are prepared to deal with it. Two-way radios added to retail store communication systems are the best way to deal with emergencies as they arise.

In addition to quick connections, many of today’s digital two-way radios are equipped with a number of features that come in handy during an emergency or a crime. Many radios have a Panic Button, GPS tracking, direct connections to local Police and Fire, and other features that are indispensable in times of emergency.

Accidents, theft, and other disruptions are bound to happen in a retail location. It’s best not to be caught off-guard and unprepared. Integrate two-way radios into retail store communication systems, and you will be much better prepared to deal with the next safety or security issue!

5. Communications That Are Cost-Effective

Effective communications need not break the bank! In fact, compared to smartphones, hand-held two-way radio units are MUCH less expensive. In addition, with most two-way radios you have no monthly service fees.
The basic “starter” cost for a two-way radio system is much less than a cellular unit and you need not commit to a multi-year contract.

Start with just two radios and add more equipment as you need to! You own the equipment. There are no monthly fees. And as you grow, you simply add radios.

As your retail facility grows in square feet, you might want to add a repeater. Again, there are no monthly fees and you own the repeater!

If you would like to purchase a more sophisticated Motorola communications system, you can enlist the help of Lease Corp of America! They will provide financing options to make your purchase as easy as possible.

In Conclusion

So, does adding two-way radios to retail store communication systems really make a difference? Let’s take a look at a survey that Motorola Solutions conducted at several retail locations on the value of a retail store walkie talkie system.

  • 47% of shoppers say associates with retail walkie talkies improved their shopping experience.
  • 80% of associates say retail walkie talkies improved the management of employees and operations.
  • 80% of associates say a walkie talkie for retail stores increased their customers’ satisfaction.

The above seems to indicate that a retail store using two-way radio communications responds quicker to customer issues. Their security team can benefit from an ability to respond quicker and more efficiently to accidents, disturbances or theft. And, finally, the staff can respond to each other’s requests and needs more quickly and efficiently. Two-way radios at a retail location just seem to tighten up the whole operation!

To learn how you can tighten up your whole retail operation with two-way radios, contact the two-way communication pros at RCS Communications today! They can come out to your location, discuss your needs, and determine a plan that’s right for you!

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