How Much Do FCC Licenses Cost?

Radio communication is an essential part of most businesses. You need your radios for safety, efficiency, and productivity. Federal Communication Commission licensing (FCC) for your two-way radios is required for most industries.

The advantage to having an FCC license for your business radio frequencies is safety and productivity. Using default frequencies often means dealing with interference from other radio users nearby who are using the same frequency, which can lead to on site accidents and loss of productivity. In addition, it is illegal to use a two-way radio without proper FCC licenses.

If your business has two-way radios, you require an FCC radio operator license to legally operate your radio system. If you’re looking to get an FCC license for your two-way radio, it can be hard to figure out exactly what kind of license you need. Applying for an FCC license can be complex process that requires a lot of paperwork and knowledge about the rules surrounding your two-way radios. There are different classes of licenses available depending on what radio system you have, but figuring out which one is right for your needs can be tricky.

RCS can help make the application process as simple as possible. We go through all the steps necessary to obtain the information needed to complete your application, then submit the paperwork directly to the FCC on your behalf once we’ve gathered all of the required information from you. This way, there’s no guesswork involved in obtaining a new or renewing your FCC license.

Classes or Types of Licenses

There are a few different types of licenses for your radio systems. To know which one you need, RCS will need to assess your current radio system and guide you accordingly. It is vital you get the right FCC license for your two-way radio system to avoid any delays or penalties.

Commercial License: Commercial licenses are ideal for a business owner who has a radio tower and wants to sell airtime on their frequencies.

Mobile Radio License: A Mobile radio license refers to a portable two-way radio that uses no power enhancing equipment. Whatever power comes out of the antenna is what will be considered when issuing the license.

Repeater License: A repeater system is able to take an already weak two-way radio signal and rebroadcast it at a stronger level. Keep in mind that you will need two pre-distinct frequencies, one for transmitting and one for receiving.

FCC Licensing Cost

As mentioned, radio communication is a vital part of your business, whether you need to communicate with employees, or management. The FCC requires that all radio users have a license, and each license has an application, renewal, and ongoing license fee. For example, fees for a small fleet of six radios might total only a few hundred dollars, whereas a fleet of a hundred two-way radios will be more expensive. The exact amount would be determined by the type of radio system you are licensing.

This can be a hassle because the process is not only time-consuming but also complicated. Your two-way radio dealer should also know every radio, repeater, base station and antenna in your configuration, so they can batch and submit all applicable licenses at once. By using RCS to help with your application process, you can save money on your FCC license by allowing us to handle all the paperwork and regulatory compliance issues. RCS provides FCC Licensing assistance as part of our value-added support to our customers.

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RCS has been providing Kentucky and Indiana two-way radio services and solutions since 1952. We are proud to be a Motorola Solutions Channel Partner, and offer our customers top tier Motorola two-way radio and system solutions. We have the knowledge to provide you with excellent service and support when it comes to your two-way radio needs. We understand that every client is unique, so we tailor our solutions to meet each the individual needs of your business. Our team of experts work closely with you to make sure everything goes smoothly during the FCC application process and beyond. With our help, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your business communications are secure and reliable at all times.

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