5 Motorola Radios for Industrial Businesses

Every organization needs to be able to communicate across their work sites. From construction sites, manufacturing plants or security personnel- you need reliable two-way radio communication in order to be productive, efficient and safe. Radio communication is one of the most important tools for keeping a business running smoothly. It helps you stay on time, organized and secure.

Motorola Solutions is the leader in two-way radio communications because they understand what businesses need. Their communication solutions are tailored to individual industries, so you have the right tools for the job. Motorola two-way radios are functional, durable and they use innovative and ground-breaking technology to deliver the best possible wireless communication solution on the market.

Here are 5 Motorola Digital Radios that will fit your business.

Motorola ION

When you need to communicate quickly and efficiently, it’s critical that your business has the right tools. Businesses are constantly evolving with new products, services, and technology. As a result, the way teams communicate with each other is changing too. Legacy systems might work for some businesses but not all of them. They don’t provide the flexibility or scalability required by most modern organizations today. When you’re out in the field, nothing is more important than staying connected. You need a radio that can withstand anything and still deliver crystal clear transmissions and data.

The MOTOTRBO™ family of radios is the #1 choice for commercial professionals worldwide. The Motorola ION is first in its class for businesses that need rugged handhelds that can handle rough conditions while still having all the features needed by professional users. This industrial two-way radio gives you powerful digital voice quality, integrated GPS location tracking capabilities, and more. The intuitive touchscreen interface also makes it easy for your employees to navigate through their tasks quickly and efficiently. The Motorola ION is a durable, rugged two-way radio with great sound quality for any situation. It is also built to handle any environment — from construction sites to factories, warehouses and beyond. It features an IP68 rating which means it can be fully submerged in two meters of water for up to two hours, making it perfect for even the harshest environments. It’s designed to keep up with your life on the go, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your device when things get rough.

Motorola XPR7000e

Lack of dependable communication on your work site can lead to loss of productivity, safety issues and severe accidents. Industrial businesses know that when you’re on site, you need a two-way radio that will be able to handle all you throw at it. You need a radio with crystal clear audio that is reliable and rugged.

The MOTOTRBO XPR 7000e Series delivers a complete communications solution in one device that’s easy to use and can be deployed quickly. It has everything you need for effective communication on the job site, at the plant or when working remotely – including integrated Wi-Fi connectivity so you can connect directly to your business network from virtually anywhere. And it’s rugged enough to handle even the most demanding conditions. With this next-generation two-way radio, we’ve made it easier than ever before for workers in all types of industries and organizations to stay connected and productive no matter where they work or what kind of tasks they perform.

Motorola XPR3000e

Your business needs dependable and rugged communication on site to stay safe and productive. Two-way radios on the job site are critical to the success of your business, and you need a radio that will keep up with your work.

XPR 3000e radios are the next generation of MOTOTRBO digital two-way radio. They deliver cost-effective connectivity to your business with integrated Wi-Fi, software updates, Bluetooth audio and improved audio quality. The XPR 3000e Series is designed for the everyday worker who needs efficient communications. With systems support and loud, clear audio, these next generation radios deliver better connectivity to your organization. Additionally, its advanced digital technology offers excellent range and clarity, so you don’t have to worry about missing important communications on your job sites.

Motorola SL300

Communication is one of the most important aspects when it comes to securing a site or building. If your security team does not have clear and dependable communications, they will be unable to do their job effectively and securely. The same principal applies to office employees – they need to be able to communicate with the front desk, management, or maintenance at a moment’s notice.

The SL300 offers you an ultra-portable solution with a stubby antenna design and “Range Max” technology for enhanced range even in heavy interference areas like stadiums, warehouses, or industrial sites. It features an Active View display with matrix LED lights behind the radio housing to give you extra visibility when working outdoors at night or in dark conditions; plus, it’s equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology so you can wirelessly connect your Bluetooth speaker microphones or earpieces for secure and private communications. In addition, because this portable handheld comes loaded with all the latest technologies like push-to-talk (PTT) voice activation, digital signal processing (DSP) and noise reduction, it’s user intuitive for ease of use.

Motorola XPR5000e

As a business owner, you are responsible for the safety of your employees. It’s essential that they have reliable, secure communications with dispatchers and other drivers while on the road. Lack of mobile communication can lead to distracted driving accidents and missed communications.

The XPR 5000e mobile Series is designed for business owners who refuse to compromise when it comes to connectivity, security or productivity. With high-performance integrated voice and data, advanced features for efficient operation, these business two-way radios provide complete connectivity to your organization. The MOTOTRBO XPR 5000e mobile radio delivers a whole new level of performance with integrated Wi-Fi, WAVE PTX support, over-the air software updates, Bluetooth 4.0 technology and more. This powerful combination allows you to stay connected through any situation on the road.

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Finding the best two-way radio solution is challenging. You have to consider features, coverage area, licensing options and device compatibility before you can choose the right system for your business.

RCS Communications offers a variety of solutions that will fit your business needs perfectly. We are proud to be one of Motorola’s top partners in Kentucky and Indiana, thanks to our extensive knowledge about their products and services, which we are able to share with our customers so they can make informed decisions about their communications systems. Our team has more than 40 years of experience helping companies like yours find the perfect solutions for your businesses – both large and small – so you can rest assured you’re in good hands.

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