Why Use a Wide Area Radio Network in Kentucky?

Keeping workforces connected is essential for maintaining team communication and allowing workers to complete tasks efficiently and safely. If you find yourself and your team losing reception, experiencing interference or dropped calls, the largest wide area radio network in Kentucky, Business Dispatch, is likely the solution you need for your business.

What is a Wide Area Network?

A wide area network (WAN) is designed to keep teams connected over sprawling distances. Using base station repeaters, a wide area radio network infrastructure links radio sites together to form a network, significantly increasing coverage areas and improving the quality of radio communication and reception.

Why Your Kentucky Business Needs a Wide Area Network

Communication is key in every business across all industries. For some, communication means going to the office across the hall. But, for your workers, it means communicating miles apart as efficiently as if your co-worker was sitting right beside you. Not being able to communicate progress updates, task completion, requests for assistance or equipment, or even urgent requests for help, results in reduced productivity and efficiency, unnecessary downtime, and potential safety risks.

Industries such as utilities, transportation and logistics, waste management, and even government organizations require fleets to be on the road in different areas every day. A Kentucky wide area network can keep these workers connected no matter where the job takes them.

Features of a Business Dispatch: Kentucky's Largest Wide Area Network

A wide area network increases your coverage areas but what other features does Business Dispatch offer?

Unlimited Voice
Enjoy unlimited reliable, instant, push-to-talk US DOT compliant voice communications on your Kentucky wide area radio network.

GPS Tracking
Keep your operation and your team on track with GPS tracking. Increase efficiency, productivity, and even customer satisfaction with reliable GPS tracking for your fleet.

You won’t be left out in the cold when it comes to servicing your wide area network equipment. Experience peace of mind knowing our team of experts is prepared to deliver priority service to control repair costs, minimize downtime, and protect your business.

Certified Techs
Operate worry-free knowing your equipment will be handled by only the most qualified technicians. Our maintenance crew is made up of factory-trained authorized Motorola Service Elite Specialists.

Complete Installs
Let us handle the logistics of installing your Kentucky wide area network. Our members have extensive on-site and field installation experience. We cover installations from basic dash mount mobile installations to full complex wide area coverage systems.

Wide Area Network Benefits

With RCS Communications’ Business Dispatch, Kentucky businesses can enjoy the area’s first and largest wide area digital radio network meeting your communication needs. Now knowing the many features a wide area network in Kentucky offers, what benefits do these features offer your business?

Below is a list of many of the key benefits your business is likely to experience when using a wide area network in Kentucky.

  • Dispatch drivers faster
  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Monitor routes and driver speed
  • Improve driver behavior
  • Increased communications reliability
  • Voice communications at the push of a button
  • Technology from the radio industry’s market leader, Motorola
  • Avoid huge start-up fees of setting up your own wide area network
  • Superior digital audio quality compared to analog radios
  • Improved network security
  • Track your fleet from your smartphone, computer, or tablet
  • Possible decrease in insurance costs*

In addition to improved productivity and control, you gain the added benefits of digital technology, group calling, private one-to-one calling, longer battery life, and background noise reduction for crystal clear audio. Employees can also use data applications, such as text messaging, GPS location tracking and dispatch capability, to further enhance their efficiency and safety on the job.

Keep Your Operation Connected and Safe

Without effective communication, your workforce cannot perform their jobs as efficiently as they should be. Eliminate dropped calls, untraceable employees, unnecessary downtime, potential safety issues, and reduced productivity because of a lack of coverage.

Get an edge over your competition by adding the many features and experiencing the many benefits of the largest wide area network in Kentucky for yourself by Booking a Free Demo.

*Check with your insurance provider on possible discounts for GPS tracking your fleets.

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