Should Your Business Buy or Rent Two-Way Radios?

Are you having trouble deciding whether you should buy or rent two-way radios in Kentucky or Indiana? The answer depends on several factors and how your business operates throughout the year. Two-way radios have proven to be a perfect solution when you need extra reliable communication tools for your workforce that also keep costs down and help you stay on budget.

RCS has been providing communications solutions for commercial and government organizations throughout Kentucky and Indiana for nearly 70 years. We are your number one source for Indiana and Kentucky two-way radio rentals and nationwide rentals across the United States with a wide range of devices available that boost productivity and increase workplace safety.

Industries That Benefit from Two-Way Radio Rentals in Kentucky and Indiana

Any industry that has seasonal or periodic influxes can benefit from renting over buying. Examples include:

Adding labor means you also need to add to your toolbelt. Having reliable communications solutions ready means your team can stay informed and connected, and ready to deal with any upcoming influxes in business. Motorola two-way radios have easy-to-use interfaces that help your workforce easily adapt to the technology so they can stay productive, efficient, and safe on the job.

Cost-Effective Investment

With many portable radio options and applications available, our two-way radios dealers in Kentucky and Indiana can provide you with the perfect solution that meets your needs and fits your budget. It is important to understand what your needs are before determining if the right solution for your business is to rent Motorola radios in Kentucky and Indiana.

Some simple tips to help choose the right radio include:

  • What environment does your team operate in?
  • Will they need light or heavy-duty equipment?
  • Are you adding to your current stock of similar equipment or starting from square one?
  • Will your two-way radios be used indoors, outdoors, or both?
  • Do you require any radio accessories such as microphones, headsets, advanced batteries, etc.?

With an extensive line of products available, our two-way radio dealers are prepared to help your organization enjoy clear, crisp, and instant communication with the push of a button.

Access to All the Latest Equipment

Motorola offers next-generation two-way radios, delivering complete connectivity across your organization. These radios are designed for skilled professionals and help these workers do their jobs with key features such as:

  • High-performance integrated voice and data
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-equipped for over-the-air software updates
  • IMPRES battery technology for extended battery life
  • UHF and VHF frequency capabilities
  • Indoor location tracking
  • Easy-to-use color display and keypad
  • Improved expandability and better range
  • Integrated accelerometer for optional Man Down safety features

Your workforce needs reliable and easy-to-operate two-way radios to navigate through their job and complete tasks efficiently. Our team of Motorola specialists will help you find the right radio model and applications that can help your team communicate effectively, remain on task, eliminate downtime, and even increase workplace safety. Explore the full details of our Motorola two-way radio rentals in Kentucky and Indiana.

Worry-Free Support and Maintenance

Equip your team with the high-performing devices they need and let your dealer handle the logistics by joining a rental agreement with RCS. We have equipment that’s ready for use today. Why worry about locating inventory, proper battery storage, cleaning displays, or other maintenance tasks when your workforce already has a job to focus on?

In the unlikely event of equipment being replaced, RCS is just a phone call away. RCS Communications is a full-service operation for your communication needs with a team that is fully trained to set up, install, and repair all of our Motorola rental equipment. We fulfill all your service needs by providing:

  • Fleet expansion with same-day delivery service for additional equipment
  • Fast turnaround times for repairs with field technicians who can service and repair your equipment on-site or through over-the-air-programming
  • Fully up-to-date factory-trained technicians
  • Friendly and professional service that understands your business and the equipment it uses
  • Short-term rental to help manage “peak seasons” or events
  • City-wide (wide area) coverage, perfect for fleet-based industries
  • Rental accessories such as speaker or surveillance microphones, headsets, spare batteries, and chargers
  • Licensed radio frequencies that are compliant to FCC regulations

We understand the importance of your communications equipment for your operation. We pride ourselves on providing attentive repairs quickly so that your team can get back to the important work that they do. RCS goes beyond connecting Kentucky and Indiana and provides nationwide rentals with flexible short and long-term plans, and you only pay for the timeframe of rentals that you require.

Are rentals the right solution for your operation? Get in touch with our team of communications experts today for your free quote.

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