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Stay Connected and Rely on the System Trusted by Over a Million First Responders Everyday

Most First Responders from local communities to Federal Government agencies, rely on two-way radios for their mission critical wireless communications. Today, as the focus shifts from notification and response towards prevention and detection, the need for Integrated Wireless Systems has never been greater.

Your radio has one job to do; keep you safe in an emergency.  Other first responders may be ten feet away or ten miles away.  When every second counts, public safety agencies need a radio they can rely on to get the job done.

  • ASTRO 25 Integrated Voice and Data systems and applications can help you improve safety, productivity and efficiency.
  • Enabled by GPS technology, the location of remote personnel can be quickly identified, providing faster response to an incident and improved officer safety.
  • Dispatchers and mobile users can easily send and receive text messages, providing a valuable tool in maintaining communication in any environment.
  • Radios can remain in the field where officers need them, while receiving critical or routine programming updates over the air.
  • With an open software platform, you can add the applications you require such as field reporting, database look-ups, Be On the Look Out (BOLO) broadcast messages, license plate checks and more.

The Next Generation of Public Safety
At the heart of every mission is the ability to communicate in an instant each and every time to coordinate response and protect lives. The starting point for any public safety communications,
the ASTRO 25 system is uniquely designed to deliver uncompromising voice services and
provides a lifeline to the first responders. As your agency moves to the future, Motorola will
stand by your side building the next generation of public safety communications systems.

  • Integrating the command center
  • Converging information
  • Interoperating across platforms
  • Collaborating devices

Increase reliability, decrease costs and neutralize threats with Motorola communication solutions from RCS Communications

  • Unparalleled flexibility in system design
  • Leverage investment for years to come
  • Information assurance
  • System management

Our Public Safety Solutions Include:

  • Project 25 Two Way Radios
  • Rugged Notebook Computers
  • Automatic License Plate Recognition
  • Mobile Data
  • Mobile Video

Fire Fighting

We deliver communication solutions that allow fire departments to focus on their mission, making technology second nature. Our solutions deliver real-time information into the hands of users allowing for better decisions and better outcomes on scene.

Dispatch / 911 Solutions

Dispatch today is no longer the simple desktop radio connecting a few users. Console applications now include sophisticated industrial, public safety, transportation, education and other users that are mixing multiple sites, equipment types, applications, circuit connections, carriers and more.

Vehicle Up-fitting and Lighting Solutions

Whelen Engineering offers top of the line products for the Automotive safety lighting and sirens market. Everything we offer is designed and manufactured in the USA. (View Brochure)

After more than 40 years in business, Pro-Gard has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of law enforcement equipment by following a simple mission: provide the safest, most durable products designed to perform on the open road. Products include prisoner transport seats and partitions, seat organizers for tactical gear and weapon mounts for law enforcement.

Havis® is the manufacturer of quality police equipment including: vehicle consoles, computer mounts, mounting equipment, emergency lighting, scene lighting, window guards, partitions, and fiberglass prisoner transport systems.

Products for Public Safety

Cambium Networks PTP 820
Cambium Networks PTP 810
Cambium Networks PTP 800
Cambium Networks PTP 600
Cambium Networks PTP 500
Cambium Networks PTP 200
Cambium Networks PTP 100
Cambium Networks PMP 450
Cambium Networks PMP 430
Cambium Networks PMP 400
Cambium Networks PMP 100
Cambium Networks ePMP 1000
Motorola XRT 9000 Gateway
Motorola XRC 9000 Controller
Motorola WAVE 7000
Motorola WAVE 5000
Motorola VX-459 Portable Two-Way Radio
Motorola VX-454 Portable Two-Way Radio
Motorola VX-451 Portable Two-Way Radio
Motorola VX-264 Portable Two-Way Radio
Motorola VML700 LTE Vehicle Modem
Motorola VML 750 LTE Vehicle Modem
Motorola VESTA Pallas E9-1-1 Call Taking System
Motorola VESTA Meridian E9-1-1 Call Handling System
Motorola VC5090 Vehicle-mounted Mobile Computer
Motorola UM1000 LTE USB Modem
Motorola Turbo VUi Dispatch by CITI Products
Motorola Si500 Video Speaker Microphone
Motorola Si300 Video Speaker Microphone
Motorola PSC 9600 Site Controller
Motorola PR860 Portable Two-Way Radio
Motorola PR400 Portable Two-Way Radio
Motorola POD1000 Modular Video Surveillance System
Motorola P25 Digital Vehicular Repeater System(DVRS)
Motorola ORION MapStar Mapping Application
Motorola NiceLog Recorder
Motorola NiceCall Focus III Recorder
Motorola NICE Inform-Lite
Motorola MW810 Mobile Workstation
Motorola MVX 1000 Mobile Digital Video System
Motorola MTR3000 Base Station/Repeater
Motorola MT1500 Portable Two-Way Radio
Motorola MOTOTRBO™ XPR 7580e Portable Two-Way Radio
Motorola MOTOTRBO™ XPR 7550e Portable Two-Way Radio
Motorola MOTOTRBO™ XPR 5550e Mobile Two-Way Radio
Motorola MOTOTRBO™ XPR 5380e Mobile Two-Way Radio
Motorola MOTOTRBO™ XPR 5350e Mobile Two-Way Radio
Motorola MOTOTRBO™ XPR 5000e Series Mobile Two-Way Radios
Motorola MOTOTRBO™ XPR 5580e Mobile Two Way Radio
Motorola Motobridge Interoperable IP Solution
Motorola MIP 5000 VoIP Radio Console
Motorola MINITOR-IV Pager
Motorola Minitor VI
Motorola MCD5000 Deskset System
Motorola MCC7500E IP Dispatch Console
Motorola MCC7500 IP Logging Recorder
Motorola MCC7500 IP Dispatch Console
Motorola MCC5500 Dispatch Console
Motorola LEX L10 Misson Critical LTE Handheld
Motorola LEX 700 Mission Critical Handheld
Motorola KVL3000P Key Variable Loader 3000 Plus
Motorola Key Management Facility
Motorola HT1250 LS+ Portable Two Way Radio
Motorola HT1250 LS Series
Motorola GTR8000 Base Radio
Motorola GCP 8000 Site Controller
Motorola GCM 8000 Comparator
Motorola Extensions (MX)
Motorola EVX-S24 Digital Portable Radio
Motorola DIGITAC Comparator
Motorola CDM750 Mobile Two-Way Radio
Motorola CDM1550 Mobile Two-Way Radio
Motorola CDM1550 LS+ Mobile Two-Way Radio
Motorola CDM1550 LS Mobile Two-Way Radio
Motorola CAD
Motorola Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR)
Motorola ASTRO XTL 1500 P25 Mobile Radio
Motorola ASTRO Digital XTL 5000 Consolette
Motorola ASTRO 25 XTL 5000 P25 Mobile Radio
Motorola ASTRO 25 XTL 2500 P25 Mobile Radio
Motorola APX™ 8500 All-Band P25 Mobile Radio
Motorola APX™ 8000XE All-Band Portable Radio
Motorola APX™ 8000HXE All-Band P25 Hazloc Portable Radio
Motorola APX™ 8000 All-Band Portable Radio
Motorola APX™ 7500 Multiband Consolette
Motorola APX™ 7500 Multi-Band Mobile Radio
Motorola APX™ 7000XE Multi-Band P25 Portable Radio
Motorola APX™ 7000L Multiband Radio With LTE
Motorola APX™ 7000 Multi-Band Portable Radio
Motorola APX™ 6500 Single-Band P25 Mobile Radio
Motorola APX™ 6000XE P25 Enhanced Portable Radio
Motorola APX™ 6000 P25 Enhanced Portable Radio
Motorola APX™ 4500 Single-Band P25 Mobile Radio
Motorola APX™ 4000XH P25 Portable Radio
Motorola APX™ 4000XE P25 Portable Radio
Motorola APX™ 4000 P25 Single-Band Portable Radio
Motorola APX™ 3000 P25 Single-Band Portable Radio
Motorola APX™ 1500 Single-Band P25 Mobile Radio
Motorola APX™ 1000 P25 Single-Band Portable Radio
Motorola Administrative Hearings Management
Motorola ACE3600 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)
Panasonic Toughpad
Panasonic Toughbook 53
Panasonic Toughbook 52
Panasonic Toughbook 31
Panasonic Toughbook 19
Panasonic Docking Station
Zebra VC6096 WWAN In-Vehicle Fixed Mount Mobile Computer
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