• Avtec Scout Dispatch Console

Avtec Scout Dispatch Console

Scout is a true VoIP console system; all its components may be distributed over a LAN/WAN infrastructure using standard Ethernet. There is no backroom TDM switch. Users said they want a console that does every-thing a traditional console does, yet operates on a network. Scout delivers this functionality today, and through active product development and customer feedback, new enhancements are continually incorporated into the feature set.

Scout is Avtec’s 4th Generation console product, and was designed for a 10+ year lifecycle in mission-critical environments. Scout provides a dedicated media workstation with its own Ethernet connection and rugged peripherals. This allows customers the option to operate on standard PCs and benefit from reduced life-cycle support costs.

Radio, Telephony, and I/O integration are supported via VPGate; multiple technologies such as MPT1327, MOTOTRBO, P25 (DFSI and CSSI), iDEN, NXDN, and SIP can connect simultaneously. Furthermore, VPGate is N+1 redundant so there are no single points of failure to your critical communications assets. Non-VoIP capable radios can be connected with Avtec’s Outpost, which allows advanced control of many radios through a serial port.

Scout supports the P25 Console Sub-System Interface (CSSI) for direct IP connections from VPGate to P25 trunked radio systems. This new release offers an interface that allows integration of console positions with third-party Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems, along with many other enhancements.

  • Connect Plus

    In partnership with Motorola Solutions, Avtec developed a robust and full-featured wire-line interface between the Scout console system and the MOTOTRBO Connect Plus digital radio trunking system. This provides dispatchers a truly scalable, integrated, communication platform based upon next generation Digital Mobile Radio standards that includes the ability to perform group and private calling, radio aliasing, call alerting and emergency notification.

  • IP Site Connect

    Avtec has also developed a wire-line interface for MOTOTRBO Conventional IP Site Connect repeaters. This solution provides a method for communicating across dispersed geographical locations or physical barriers to extend the reach of a conventional two-way radio system. Customers have the flexibility of starting with a conventional system and upgrading later to Connect Plus, without changing out console systems.

  • Linked Capacity Plus

    Avtec’s Scout console system provides a wire-line connection to the MOTOTRBO Linked Capacity Plus (LCP) digital radio trunking system which connects adjoining sites across an IP network. Scout’s Linked Capacity Plus interface provides dispatchers the ability to communicate via Wide Area Groups, Local Groups, and All Call connections. It also supports enhanced privacy, talker ANI (automatic number identification), inbound and outbound regular group calls, and inbound emergency calls.

    Scout console positions connect to the Linked Capacity Plus radio system using Avtec’s VPGate™ software application. To scale the connection to more Scout consoles, the Avtec Routing Controller™ is an interface that increases operational efficiency by scaling up to 100 talk groups.

  • Maximum Uptime

    – 100% redundancy with automatic failover
    – Redundant IP links to IP Site Connect, Linked Capacity Plus and Connect Plus radio systems

  • Operational Efficiency

    – Simultaneous support for multiple radio technologies
    – Most flexible user interface (UI) of any console – it works your way
    – Supports single site and multi-site configurations across wide areas using an IP network – Minimal training
    – Maintains standard operating procedures and dispatch center workflows

  • Worker Safety

    – Listen to all sides of conversations
    – Collaboration with peers and supervisors
    – Monitor multiple panels simultaneously

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