Education Communication Solutions From RCS Communications

Enhance the Safety and Security of Students and Staff, and Score High Marks for Schoolwide Safety

Maintaining order and ensuring student safety are priorities for any school. Whether monitoring assemblies, sporting events, or the commotion of lunchtime in the cafeteria, instant communication helps keep things running smoothly.

Administrators and educators can multiply safety and subtract costs with communication solutions from RCS Communications: 

  • Locate your staff, students and buses instantly
  • Prioritize communication immediately
  • Manage employee attendance and payroll automatically
  • Respond remotely with tracking applications
  • Connect your campus completely
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Communicate without disturbing others using Motorola IMPRES audio accessories
  • Rely on batteries with perfect attendance
  • Security and staff can react instantly and respond effectively

Motorola communication solutions from RCS Communications benefits administrators and educators: 

  • Delivers the right device for the right user
  • Clear voice communication throughout your district
  • Integrated voice and data in one device
  • Text messaging when voice communication isn’t practical
  • GPS tracking and dispatch for access to drivers and vehicles
  • Scalable solutions to meet your communication needs
  • Easy to migrate from analog to digital

Products for Education

Motorola CM200d Mobile Two-Way Radio
Motorola CM Series Mobile Two-Way Radio
Motorola CDM750 Mobile Two-Way Radio
Motorola CDM1550 Mobile Two-Way Radio
Motorola CDM1550 LS+ Mobile Two-Way Radio
Motorola CDM1550 LS Mobile Two-Way Radio
Motorola CDM1250 Mobile Two-Way Radio
Motorola BPR40 Portable Two-Way Radio
Motorola AXV5100 On-Site Two Way Business Radio
Motorola Assembled Trunking System (ATS)
Motorola AppCenter
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