Two-Way Radios

Benefits of Two-Way Radio Adapters

The main benefit of two-way radio adapters is that they make your two-way radio more… Well, ADAPTABLE! A proper two-way radio adapter can drastically increase a standard two-way radio’s capabilities (and value). A two-way radio adapter can transform an ordinary two-way radio into one that is much more exciting. It can turn a mundane “Bruce …

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Proper Two-Way Radio Etiquette

Because of its nature, two-way radio communications require a particular manner of speaking; sort of a proper two-way radio etiquette, if you will. Standard two-way radio communication codes and a certain two-way radio protocol have developed over the years. Two-way radio users try to stick to it to maintain clear and concise communications. This article …

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Do All Two-Way Radios Work Together?

The answer to the above question is a resounding “Yes”…and “No”. Asking, “Do all two-way radios work together?” is kind of like asking, “Do all “keys” unlock locks?” Again, the answer is “Yes” and “No”. All keys keyed for a particular lock will unlock that lock. In the same way, all two-way radios synced together …

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