9 Benefits of PTT Radios For Your Business

Communication is essential in every line of work. If you have a team that’s frequently spread out, you know how difficult reliable, efficient communication and coordination can be. Push to talk (PTT) radios can bring your team’s communication together. Push to talk technology is reliable and time-tested, but modern radios offer all the advantages of the digital era. PTT radios allow you to communicate instantly with your team, without a cellular network. Communicating with large groups instantly at the push of a button can give your business the efficiency and communication it needs to adapt to the unexpected.  

What is Push-to-Talk?

Push to talk is communication in which you push a button to transmit on a radio or other wireless devices, and are receiving communications while the button is not pressed.  With a PTT devices like a radios, you can speak to one person, your team, or your whole company with the press of a button….instantly.   At RCS communications, we have excellent options for PTT communications from our partners Motorola Solutions and Kenwood Communications. Take a look at some of our best products if you’d like to learn more.  

1. Instant Communication

With PTT radios, your staff is connected instantly with the press of a button which reduces downtime and increases productivity by eliminating the need to fumble around a phone for text, call, or email. Instant communication adds a high level of responsiveness and safety to delicate and dangerous jobs, such as manufacturing or heavy equipment operation. You can instantly contact one person, or speak to many depending on your specific channel organization and needs.

2. Reliable Transmission

Radio signals are consistent and reliable. No dropped calls, delayed messages, or waiting for connections. With PTT, you simply push a button and your message is immediately received.  

3. Durable Hardware and Accessories

PTT radios are much more durable than cellular devices. Modern push-to-talk devices offer sturdy construction housed in durable casings and often have a whole product family of rugged and tough accessories that can be utilized. This durability is key when handled by many people or in jobs where work sites often contain numerous hazards.   

4. Intrinsically Safe Option

Motorola & Kenwood have designed intrinsically safe equipment. We understand that there is a need for safe communication in various industries such as energy, manufacturing, and construction.   With the hazardous nature of these operations having a wireless device that will not ignite volatile gases or chemicals is critical.  RCS Communication understands intrinsically safe radios, and you’ll never have to worry about accidents stemming from your communications devices. 

5. Cost-Effective

Beyond initial equipment, there are often no monthly charges for even the most advanced communications solutions. Not only will PTT radios increase your communication, but also save your business time and dollars.  

6. Proven Tech

Two-Way radios have been around since 1930’s, and there’s a reason why. Time and time again PTT technology shows that it is the preferred method of communication on job sites. The benefits of their use simply outweigh that of any technology invented. In the meantime, two-way radio technology has also grown to offer more customization and ease of use.  

7. Easy to Use/Easy to Train

There is absolutely minimal training to get your team to use a PTT radio system. Generally in less that 5 mins you can have your team working and using radios on the job.

8. Bluetooth Wearables

Many areas have driving regulations that state you can only use any device that you do not touch, hold, or manipulate while driving. More than that, you want your team to be safe. Bluetooth PTT devices are another convenient tool for businesses. Giving your team fewer distractions with hands-free technology keeps them safer and compliant with laws, not just while driving but in any job where their hands and attention are needed.

9. Customization and Compatibility

Radios have come a long way, and now offer all the convenience and cross-compatibility of modern electronics.  With modern digital PTT technology can operate across networks (WiFi, IP, LTE, VHF/UHF Radio Systems) or devices (Cellular, Radio, Computer).   This allows your team to communicate instantly on the device and network that is best for their job.

PTT can help

PTT technology offers so many advantages to the communications of your team. Increased efficiency, accountability, and safety are just the beginning of the convenience that PTT radios could help you work site. At RCS Communications, we’re ready to help in any way we can. Request a quote today or contact us with any questions you may have.

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