5 Industries That Benefit from CPNTrac Wide Area Digital Radio Network

Businesses are always on the move and need to do more with fewer resources and less cost.   Being able to instantly communicate with two-way radios means convenience, especially when it comes to safety, emergencies, and productivity.

However, a frustration that customers may encounter with other networks is that coverage may not be available in all the areas that are needed, and that tarnishes the convenience factor.

Now customers have the option of RCS CPNTrac Wide Area Radio Network. RCS has 10 sites across Kentucky and southern Indiana for a large area coverage footprint.  Let’s take a look at the industries that would benefit from the wide-area coverage that the CPNTrac Radio Network provides.


Because CPNTrac Radio Network has a large coverage footprint, engineers at the main office can talk to the foreman who is on-site, and who in turn, can talk to the workers who are operating heavy equipment.

Let’s say the foreman needs to urgently communicate to the excavator operator that there is a gas line where the operator is digging.  But, because of the spotty coverage of other networks, the excavator operator may not get the message.  The gas line is in danger of being punctured causing a safety hazard and causing more work that has to be done.

Being able to instantaneously communicate on rugged radios can keep workers safe and productive.


While other forms of communication while driving, such as texting and cell phone use, are against the law according to the Distracted Driver/Hands-Free laws, two-way radios are compliant and can be used.  Why?  Because simple one-button, push-to-talk operated Bluetooth or wired earpieces can be used while driving.

The other advantage to using the CPNTrac Radio Network is the GPS feature.  The GPS feature can track buses to make sure pickups are being made on time, and, if not, where on the route is a problem to be solved.

Couriers can be tracked if a shift in the delivery schedule is needed.  Knowing where the couriers are can determine who is available to perform a last-minute delivery.

The important feature of being able to track these employees is safety.  If one of the fleet vehicles hasn’t moved for a while or is moving off route with no communication, this could signify that the worker is in trouble and emergency personnel may have to be called.


Service businesses are built on quickly getting to customers and to fulfilling as many customers’ needs in the shortest period of time. So, coordinating with the team of drivers is critical. 

As with the courier example, in industries such as waste removal and towing, CPNTrac with radios and GPS allows dispatch to find the closest drivers who can fulfill the customer’s need the fastest.

For example, a customer’s trash may have been missed on a waste removal truck’s route.  The customer calls and complains.  The nearest pick-up vehicle needs to get to the customer and get rid of the trash.  By tracking the vehicles, this can be done quickly and efficiently, ensuring customer satisfaction.


Horse and crop farms are plentiful in Kentucky and the use of CPNTrac radios and GPS can provide instantaneous communication in wide-open areas, sometimes, miles apart from one another.

In rural areas, intermittent coverage is the expectation, but not with the CPNTrac network.  If the combine harvester breaks down or there’s an accident, help is on the way quickly and efficiently, no matter how far away.

CPNTrac is a cost-effective way to track staff and be aware of any safety or productivity emergencies.

Large Events

Events, such as marathons or festivals can cover a large distance, sometimes, spanning across a city or state, and are only operating for a short period of time. 

So, if the event is for a day, a week, or a couple of months, renting radios on the CPNTrac Radio Network would lower costs, provide effective communications to all event areas, and provide the ability to track security personnel or volunteers and dispatch them where needed. 

CPNTrac Radio Network

The CPNTrac Radio Network is driven by Motorola’s MOTOTRBO Digital Radio System which consistently produces reliability for business operations.

A large selection of Motorola digital radios, both mobile and portable radios, and accessories are available for radio usage.  All of this for a low monthly fee. 

Contact us for your quote on our CPNTrac Radio & GPS System.

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