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Warranty / Repair 

When operating in a mission critical environment, system downtime is not an option – lives could depend on it. Your day-to-day two-way communications network is critical to ensure your system is operational at all times. Service from the Start for ASTRO® 25 systems is a unique service offering that provides the services you need when you need them.

Service from the Start is comprised of two bundles to provide tailored system support from day one.

Service from the Start Essential
The Essential bundle will help increase system availability during normal business hours with:

  • Expert Technical Support
  • Onsite Response and Dispatch Service
  • Infrastructure Repair Service

Service from the Start Advanced
The Advanced bundle provides enhanced support with:

  • Expert Technical Support (7x24x365)
  • Onsite Response and Dispatch Service (7x24x365)
  • Infrastructure Repair with Advanced Replacement
  • Security Update Service

Both bundles are backed by Motorola’s global integrated services with the best-in-class technical support technicians, 900 Motorola Service Providers, and certified repair facilities. Adding Service from the Start to your ASTRO 25 system provides proactive protection for your system and is available in multi-year agreements. To meet your many needs we have a range of service options you can add to your Service from the Start contract. Want an annual alignment of your ASTRO 25 system to manufacturer specifications? Motorola offers Preventive Maintenance. Or select our Network Monitoring or Security Monitoring services to obtain continuous live monitoring of your system’s functions and security elements.

Peace of Mind
When focusing on your mission, the last thought on your mind should be the upkeep of your technology. Motorola’s technical experts work around the clock with you or your local Motorola Servicer to isolate, diagnose and resolve hardware and software issues. Rest assured that technical support requests are prioritized by severity to ensure the most critical issues are resolved first.

Reduce Risk
Keeping your system’s security up to date can prevent malicious attackers or viruses from attempting to compromise your system’s integrity. Motorola pre-tests all software security updates in our labs before they are introduced into your network. Security Update Service (SUS) expands beyond standard anti-virus updates; it includes pretested intrusion detection, anti-virus and operating system patches that are available 24 hours a day on a secure server.

For Federal systems that require a higher level of security, Security Update Service Platinum provides all of the pre-tested security updates in SUS and also includes vulnerability management and STIG reporting. The SUS Platinum offering helps customers meet Federal compliance standards in order to obtain the Authority to Operate (ATO).

Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Service from the Start increases operator productivity. With Motorola performing system repairs and testing and mitigating security updates for you, there is no need to add resources to manage your system’s operations. Having Service from the Start means you can budget in advance for your system’s maintenance, which removes the concern of incurring unexpected repair or support costs, resulting in reduced cost of ownership.

The Service from the Start Difference
When you choose Service from the Start, you get first rate response times and access to expert analysts to resolve issues in the quickest possible timeframe. As the designer and original equipment manufacturer, who better than Motorola to troubleshoot, support and repair Motorola systems? Our Solutions Support Center is staffed by trained and highly skilled Systems Technologists who specialize in the characterization, diagnosis and swift resolution of network performance issues. When it comes to repairing your system, Motorola’s certified technicians utilize sophisticated, automated test equipment to analyze, isolate, and repair Motorola-manufactured equipment as well as equipment from select third-party vendors, so you know that your equipment will be correctly repaired the first time.

Services Expertise Across the Astro 25 Lifecycle
Motorola offers a complete portfolio of services across the Astro 25 lifecycle – from solution design to deployment, to ongoing technology updates and network migration.